Ready, Aim…Be Prepared When Inspecting Land For Sale

be prepared inspecting land for saleWhile facing the firing squad, convicted murder James Rodgers was asked if he had a final request to which he replied ‘Why yes – a bullet-proof vest’ . Which brings us to the subject of today’s post, Being Prepared. Unlike Mr. Rodgers, you need not wait until it’s too late to protect yourself from potential danger.
Buying vacant land usually requires physical inspection of the property. Unlike residential properties, borders are generally unclear, terrain can be rugged and road access is not always available. A lot can go wrong if you don’t take certain precautions to prevent dangerous situations. I can recall one particular trip where my van got hopelessly stuck in the mud and of course there was no cell phone service. I had left the house early that morning and when my wife hadn’t heard from me by 7 o’clock that night she began to get frantic. Two tow trucks and three police cars later, it all worked out alright but it taught me to be more prepared in situations like that. You never know what you may encounter and you need to be prepared.
Now whenever I go out inspecting properties, I leave an itinerary with my wife. I contact her when I arrive at each property and prior to walking that parcel. Then at least if something happens, the police will know where to start looking for the body. If I am trekking deep into the woods, I now take a backpack with me with several items including my GPS (if I’m getting a signal), a compress, water, snacks, matches, a flashlight , a small first-aid kit, a sweatshirt and some rope. I take both my cell phone and my Blackberry because they are on two different service providers and if one doesn’t work, the other might. I also carry a knife, a huge knife. Predators take all shapes and forms and if I’m a half a mile into the woods and I start hearing banjo music, I’m not going down without a fight. The list can vary depending on climate, terrain, time of year, etc but you get the idea. Don’t be like Mr. Rodgers and wait until it’s too late to prepare yourself. Plan ahead and be safe.

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