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Ever since the days of the covered wagon, free-spirited Americans and immigrants alike have  dreamed of owning their own land in this great country. 

Whether you are seeking riches or just looking to put some space between you and your neighbors, there has never been a better time for owning land.

Welcome to CheapUSland.com, the premier online forum for individuals interested in buying and selling discount properties. We are here to provide up to date information on how to profit in today’s market investing in vacant land. We will be sharing tips, tricks and strategies that will help you in your land investing business today.

Please take a moment to bookmark this site, as we will continue to provide fresh content and new offerings. You may also subscribe to our weekly newsletter that will be chock full of helpful and profitable information. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.


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2 Responses to “About Us”

  • Neal Clark:

    Hi Bruce,
    It’s Neal from wing night. Let me know whenever you have a parcel of 10 acres or more with at least 4 acres cleared and the rest wooded. I was going to call you today about the 10 acres in Jefferson, probably would have bought it but I just went back to it and see that it was sold.
    Let me know if you get any others parcels like that even with more acreage.


    • Hey Neal,
      Great to hear from you.Yes I recently sold that 10 acre parcel in Jefferson. That was a nice property with great views, a well and a small brook that could feed a pond. I’ll keep you in mind as other such parcels become available. Feel free to call me on my cell to discuss. (917) 741-1207
      Hope to see you at the next wing (or taco) night. Bruce

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Yes it is. I will send you more info. Thanks, Bruce
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