Tiny Little Houses on Wheels

I first stumbled upon Tumbleweed Tiny House Company while looking to replace a dilapidated trailer on one of one properties. The visionary behind this company is a gentleman named Jay Shafer who for the past 15 years has been designing and building what he has termed ‘little hand built homes’. Some no larger than your closet yet designed to meet all your basic domestic needs without demanding much in return. His creations are basically cabins on wheels.

His portable little houses are being used for everything from a backyard studio to a weekend getaway, a hunting lodge or  a full time residence. By minimizing hallways and staircase he takes advantage of all the available space .

An example of just how well Jay uses his space is in the EPU house. This is the house that Jay Shafer lives in and was featured on Oprah. With only 89 sq ft of living space, Jay has managed to fit in a living room with built-in desk and stainless steel fireplace, a kitchen with a sink, 2 burner stove, frig and a small water heater, a bedroom large enough for a queen size bed, a bathroom with a shower and a low-flush RV toilet to conserve water (compose toilet may be substituted). A small porch rounds out the amenities. All built on a 7’ by 14’ trailer and ready to go.


There are three ways to get into one of these tiny houses. You can purchase the plans and build it from scratch. You can buy the kit and build it yourself or you can purchase it already built and ready to transport. These little houses on wheels are a great replacement for an aging trailer or in a situation where the property will not support a more conventional home.


I could think of several of my properties where one of these tiny houses would be a perfect solution. For more information about these unique portable houses go to www.tumbleweedhouse.com























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