Don’t Risk Your Assets! Get A Land Trust.

Land TrustIt’s always what we don’t know that ends up costing us the most. By now, you’re used to getting solid tips from me about creative real estate investing and I’ve got an important new topic you need to understand that will help you protect all those wise investments you’ve made. Knowing how to make money in real estate is the name of the game, that’s absolutely true – but knowing how to protect yourself and your assets is just as important.

Think about this, if someone wanted to sue you, they’d first want to know if it would even be worth their while, i.e., they’d want to know if you had any assets they could actually take from you. Since you can’t get blood from a stone, someone might think twice about going through with an expensive lawsuit if they weren’t sure how much they could get out of you. Now that person who wants to sue can’t just walk into your local bank and demand to see your bank statement. Nor can they call up your stock broker and ask how much you’ve got tied up in stocks or bonds. But they CAN go onto the Internet and search for your all your real estate holdings! That’s right, as I’ve shown you before, ownership records are public records! And the Internet makes finding out who owns what fairly easy if you know where to look.

So if your name is listed as the owner of record, you are potentially exposing yourself to people who might want to profit from your assets.

How can you avoid this and protect your assets? You should consider forming a land trust.

What is a land trust?

A land trust is a legal entity that a lawyer can set up for you. May investors use land trusts as way to protect themselves by using the trust to title ownership of real estate property. The Trustee is listed as the owner acting on behalf of the “beneficiary.” This way, the privacy of the real owner (the beneficiary) is secured.

Consult a lawyer to see if a land trust could protect your privacy as a property owner!

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