No Bones About It – A Halloween Tale

skeleton1 copyWhen I first started out in this business, my wife and I used to joke about how many bodies were probably buried in the 1000’s of acres of vacant land found in upstate New York. But it was anything but funny, when I received a call from a prospective buyer, who said that he had found the skeletal remains of a body, down by the creek, at a property that I had sent him to earlier that day . Found, was a partial skeleton, that due to it’s small stature, was assumed to be that of a young girl, wearing  a blue dress. My buyer also informed me that the bones were visible in one of my marketing pictures found on Craigslist.

It was even less funny, when Investigator Meyers of the N.Y.S. Police Department called me that evening looking to question me about the remains findings. Since I was actively sending individuals to view the property where the body was found, I don’t think that I was considered a suspect but more of a person of interest. I explained to police that I was helping a cancer ridden veteran, who had since moved out of the area, to sell his property. After giving Inspector Meyers the owner’s contact information, I was told that this was an active investigation and not to discuss it with anyone and not to post any pictures on Facebook, etc. I was sad that someone (possibly a child) had lost their life on this property but was hopeful that eventually someone who had a missing loved one, would soon be able to get some closure.

About a month went by without hearing another thing about the case, until one day, I received a call from my prospective buyer. He had just been contacted by the New York State Police again. The forensic report  was in. It turned out that the bones found by the creek that day, were that of a canine, yes, dog bones. And the ‘dress’ that was found, turned out to be a blue blanket that the dog was wrapped in before being placed by the creek.

I have went on to sell this property and many others since. I am certainly relieved that no human being lost their life on this beautiful, picturesque property or at least we haven’t found their remains yet. No bones about it.



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Info sent. Thanks.
Info sent. Thanks.
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